Currency and Tipping

The currency in the Maldives is the Rufiyaa (Rf) which is divided into 100 Laari (L) coins.

However, it is quite odd that the most accepted currency used is the US dollar and we would not advise taking any Rufiyaa as many places have ceased to accept it.

Other than buying drinks at the airport and if you are taking any excursions during your stay you will not need any currency other than for tips whilst in resort. Nearly all resorts now operate a virtually cashless system and any purchases you make will be added to your bill and paid on departure by credit card.

It is wise to have available some small denomination US dollar bills. For tipping as you go then two dollars to your waiter or favourite barman goes a long way and as a general rule of thumb a $10 tip for your room maid for a 7 night stay is quite adequate.

The Maldivian people are very pleasant and friendly and will not pressure you for tips, nor will their level of service to you falter if you don’t tip them but please be aware that like many sub continent countries they are paid a very small salary for the work they do.


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