Once you arrive at Male airport you may get the feeling of organised chaos. This is all the more apparent if you arrive on one of the weekly charters, as Monday is Male airports busiest day.

Once you have passed through Passport control, collected your luggage and continued through security you will arrive on the outer concourse where all the different travel representatives awaiting their client’s arrival will greet you.

Your transfer to HuvafenFushi will be by Luxury Speedboat operated by the Island itself. The Speedboats all depart from a small port directly outside the airport and within walking distance. You resort representative will be their to greet you and direct you to your transfer station.

You have travelled along way already but the transfer process is all part of your trip and as it is something different, is very exciting.

Also don’t forget your camera during your transfer, as you will see some breathtaking sights along the way.

Transfer to HuvafenFushi will take approximately 30 minutes.


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